• 6th Edition - November 13th to 16th, 2024

    International Conference - LATAM Summit

    Your Direct Gateway to Vacation Rental
    LATAM Property Managers

    ExpoRV 2024 will comply with all federal, state and local COVID-19 safety regulations. Help us to comply with them.
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The most important conference / expo show event for Vacation Rental and STR Property Managers in Mexico & LATAM

Expo Exhibition & Conference

Sponsorships, booths, spaces and speaking opportunities available during ExpoRV 2024. 

Awards Night

Join us for the Vacation Rental Awards 2024 in a very special "Award Night" on Nov 14th, 2024.

Networking Event

Join us for a sunset drink with a view. Mingle and talk "vacation rental" with the professionals. 

Sponsorship  Opportunities

Chose any of our affordable sponsorship opportunities available.

Covid19 Health Compliance

Our expo show, conference and event will comply with Covid-19 regulations. 

Affordable Price

We are an affordable option to have presence in the Latin America vacation rental market.

Market place listing.

We'll include a VR Marketplace listing so you have presence through the year.

Mexico and Latam

We reach most of  LATAM region with a strong advertising campaign.

Catamaran Regatta

Join our regatta and meet everyone at a personal level - Mexican style - while sailing in the Caribbean.

The path to vacation rental and STR Professionalization in LATAM

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ExpoRV 2024 is the ideal way to reach Property Managers from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

EXPORV - International Conference and business meeting point for the vacation rental industry in LATAM, where independent property owners and managers, Short stay specialists, Accommodation businesses, Property management companies, Serviced apartment operators, Property investors, Start ups, newbies, researchers, hosts, owners, investors and real estate agents will meet to discuss, learn and regulate the vacation rental industry in Mexico. 

First Class Venue 

Learn more about our venue Cancun Center and visit our show room layout. 

Go to Cancun Center Site
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At ExpoRV "Regatta" you will experience the best way to mingle with PM's and industry professionals.

Regatta Date: November 16th, 2024.

Buy your Regatta Tickets Here

This is what set our conference apart. After our two day conference, get to know all ExpoRV attendees at a personal level while sailing the Caribbean for 8 hours of pure fun among vacation rental professionals from all over Mexico and Latam. A group of  catamarans sailboats will depart from Cancun to Isla Mujeres with ExpoRV's attendees that want to join. We have done this activity since 2021. Tickets are limited. Please ask about how to participate and how to save your space with time.

Learn more about our past editions

ExpoRV 2019 - 1st edition

Conferences: 39

Attendees: 250

Exhibitors: 46

Ratio attendees / exhibitors: 5.4

Property Managers: 59.9 %

ExpoRV 2020 - Digital

Conferences: 35

Attendees: 173

Exhibitors: DIGITAL

Ratio attendees / exhibitors: - 

Property Managers: 65.2 %

ExpoRV 2021 3rd edition

Conferences: 30

Attendees: 380

Exhibitors: 50

Ratio attendees / exhibitors: 7.6

Property Managers: 68.1 %

ExpoRV 2022 4th edition

Conferences: 30

Attendees: 512

Exhibitors: 65

Ratio attendees / exhibitors: 7.8

Property Managers: 67.5 %

ExpoRV 2023 5th edition

Conferences: 45

Attendees: 580

Exhibitors: 75

Ratio attendees / exhibitors: 7.7

Property Managers: 66 %

ExpoRV 2024 6th edition

Nov 13th to Nov 16th

ExpoRV 2025 7th edition

Nov 19th to Nov 22nd

ExpoRV 2026 8th edition

Nov 18th to Nov 21st

What are we expecting for ExpoRV 2024 ?


+ 40

Networking Events






ExpoRV 2024 General Program

Program may change without notice. Please check website often.

Nov 13th, 2024. ExpoRV 2024 Registration / Reception Event

Exhibitors Registration: Cancun Center from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Attendees Registration (optional): Cancun Center from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Network Reception: Restaurant in Cancun Zona Hotelera from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Nov 14th, 2024. Expo and Conference / Awards Night

ExpoRV General Sessions and Conferences: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

ExpoRV Show Room:  10:00 am to 7:00 pm 

Awards Night: 6:00pm to 7:00 pm 

Nov 15th, 2024. Expo and Conferences / Closing Events.

ExpoRV General Sessions and Conferences: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

ExpoRV Show Room:  10:00 am to 7:00 pm 

Closing events: Starting at 9:00pm

Nov 16th, 2024. ExpoRV Catamaran Grand Regatta

Catamaran Regatta to Isla Mujeres: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm - Sailboat trip and lunch at Isla Mujeres Island

Plan your trip ahead of time

Need help to plan your trip to Cancun?

We have some Travel Options!

For your convenience, we have hired a local travel DMC that can help you with your travel needs. Take a look of our hotels, transfers and tours selections. If you have a special requirement or need a hotel upgrade, please let us know to accommodate your requirements.

We're all about Property Managers and professional hosts

Our event targets property managers and professional hosts from all over Mexico and Latam. We invite this sector of professionals with ads and telemarketing campaign.


Why should my company participate as a sponsor?

If your company is in the vacation rental business offering a product or service to this industry, you must tap the STR and Vacation Rental market in Mexico and the rest of Latam. This region offers millions of operations and is thirsty for knowledge, know how and professional services. ExpoRV is the only event in this region and it takes place in the most important market for vacation rental property managers.

What professionals participate at the ExpoRV Conference Summit ?

For the last editions, these are the type of people that participates with us:

1. Vacation Rental Property Managers.

2. Professional Hosts.

3. Property owners.

4. Real Estate agents.

5. Investors.

What are the due dates to participate?

You must complete the the application and submit payment by September 15th, 2024.

For booth decals you must have your art design sent to the supplier by October 1st, 2024. Supplier won't take any jobs after this date. 

Does ExpoRV share attendee's information or lists?

Due to current country privacy laws, its enforcement and previous attendees complaints for email mass sending,  WE DO NOT PROVIDE, SALE or SHARE the attendees' list or information. We hope you understand. Ask for our app to retrieve attendee's information.


WIFI is provided by the Cancun Center at these rates:

Internet 10 Mgbs: $3,300 MX per day (charges are in Mexican Pesos - about $195 USD at Exchange rate of $17.- pesos per USD.

Internet 50 Mgbs: $6,600 MX per day (charges are in Mexican Pesos - about $388 USD at Exchange rate of $17.- pesos per USD.

Exchange Rate for Services

Mexican companies participating at the ExpoRV and paying in $MX (Pesos) will be subject to an exchange rate of $18.- MX per USD.


We will include a $25 USD insurance charge in your invoice for damages at the Cancun Center. In case you don't want it, please contact us so we can remove this charge. Please note that any damage to the Cancun Center will be bill to your company.

APAR is the Mexican Association for Vacation Rental Professionals
​APAR is now available for Sponsorships!

​$490.- USD annual fee for companies.

Go to APAR website

Our Sponsors 2023    

What's New during ExpoRV 2024

Thanks to your suggestions during last year's survey, we have made the following changes this year to better serve you.

Lunch included with your booth purchase

Standard booths, premium booths and custom space now include lunch for your staff.

Retrieve Attendees information App

Now, you will be able to retrieve attendees information an app. Optional.

Lunch for attendees will be optional.

Lunch for attendees will be optional.

Regatta will be optional.

Regatta will be optional for sponsors and attendees.

One floor for everything

Conference, lunch and expo all in one big floor.

Passport seal gimmick

Attendees will be motivated to visit all booths to obtain their seal and participate in a raffle.

​Exhibit Options and Rates

Standard Booth
​Starts at: $2,200 USD

Booth ExpoRV

Booth Size: 6'7" by 6'7" / 2x2 mts

height: 8' 2" / 2.5 mts

Package includes: ID, electricity, lamp, table and chair. Two (2) full conference badges with lunch included for 2 days. Additional badges at 20% discountExhibitor listing on ExpoRV conference marketing materials (website, printed materials, mobile app). Internet supplied by venue at additional cost.

Premium Booth
​Starts at: $3,200 USD

Booth Size: 9'10" by 6'7" / 3x2 mts

height: 8' 2" / 2.5 mts

Package includes: ID, electricity, lamp, table and chair. Two (2) full conference badges with lunch included for 2 days. Additional badges at 20% discount. Exhibitor listing on ExpoRV conference marketing materials (website, printed materials, mobile app).Internet supplied by venue at additional cost.

Custom Booth Space

Starts at: $5,500 USD

Space Size: 16'5" by 9'10" / 5x3 mts

ICC height: 16' 5" / 5 mts

Includes: Space for custom booth and electricity. Four (4) full conference badges with lunch included for 2 days. Additional badges at 20% discount. Exhibitor listing on ExpoRV conference marketing materials (website, printed materials, mobile app). This is only a space. You need to bring your booth. Internet supplied by venue at additional cost.

View our floor plan for 2024

View Floor Map

Sponsor Opportunities

You can sponsor any of our main activities

General Sessions Conference Hall

Nov 14th and 15th, 2024

ExpoRV Grand Regatta

Nov 16th, 2024

Reception Event

Nov 13th, 2024

Vacation Rental Awards Event

Nov 14th, 2024

Exhibit Hall

Nov 14th and 15th, 2024

Closing Social Event

Nov 15th, 2024


So you can fit your budget, we can offer different types and models of sponsorships. Prices are in USD.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Speaking opportunities
Diamond* (5)

Logo at Dimond level, 10 pax Catamaran tickets to give to your clients, one general session conference. One ceiling banner at GS conference hall & exhibition hall. 

Platinum* (5)

Logo at Platinum level, 5 pax Catamaran tickets to give to your clients, one conference at hall 2. One ceiling banner at conference hall 2.

Gold* (5)

Logo at Gold, 3 pax Catamaran tickets to give to your clients, one workshop. One ceiling banner at exhibition hall.

Note: You must have at least one standard booth in order to obtain any sponsorship package. 

* Subject to conference topic approval and availability.

Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Banner at registration desk (2): $450.- ea.
  • Banner at coffee station (2): $450.- ea.
  • Banners at Lunch entry (2): $ 550.- ea.
  • Welcome conference entry Banners (2): $550 ea.
  • Event Bags (900 bags): $1,400.-
  • Notepad and pens (550 packages): $1,550.-
  • Lanyard (550 lanyards): $1,500.-
  • Promotional Item placement inside bags (2): $600.- ea.
  • Brochure placement inside bags (2): $600.- ea.
  • Back of badge logo (550 badges): $800.-
  • Print conference schedule (550 schedules): $550.-
  • Hang banners from ceiling (ExpoHall): $450.-
  • Hang banners from ceiling (Conference Hall): $550.-


  • Networking or Reception event (2): $2,500 ea.
  • Want to give away item at event ? (example: hats with branding): Call us for more information.


  • Email blast with your brand before the event (only 1): $800
  • Email blast with your brand after the event (only 1): $800

App Message:

  • Message with your brand before the event (only 1): $500
  • Message with your brand after the event (only 1): $500


  • Internet service sponsorship for attendees.
  • Charging phone area.
  • Other idea ? Call us for more information.
Speaking opportunities
30min General Session*

At general session with all attendees. Only 4 conferences available.

40min Conference *

At break out rooms. Only 6 conferences available.

* Subject to conference topic approval and availability.

Speaker Request
- Catamaran for 50 pax

Includes: Logo flag, Catamaran boat + drinks + lunch for 50 invite pax.

- Catamaran for 25 pax

Includes: Logo Flag, Catamaran boat + drinks + lunch for 25 pax.


Expo Regatta Ticket per person: Includes 7 hours in Catamaran, snorkeling gear, all beverages, lunch and beach club: $99 USD


Includes: Catamaran boat for 80/50/25 pax people, boat crew, GIO's & waiters, open bar, snacks, snorkeling at reef, beach club, food at beach club. 

Catamaran boat availability, pax capacity and price may change according to demand and best way to organize and run the Regatta.


Panels - Wall designs for your booth 

Are you getting a standard or premium booth and you want to place decals at their walls? you can. Print a nice wall design that goes with your branding and bring them yourself or have iCorporate Events to print the art for you. Please note that design and print services are not included in the booth price and are offered by a third party. For booth wall design and print requests, please contact: 

Luis Villalpando 

iCorporate Events


Tel: +52-998-127-8176

Shipments to Venue

If you are planing to ship materials or a custom booth to the venue directly, you must first contact the person in charge of our event at the Cancun Center.


David Solana

Event Manager



Cancun Center Address

Blvd Kukulcan KM 9

Zona Hotelera, 

Cancun, QR 77500
Phone: 998-881-0400

Ext: 13504

Cancun Center: Gran Cancun Hall - 3rd floor

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Venue Location

Visit our Attendee Website

Your sponsorship level, information and logo will be place at our attendee's website and marketplace. These two websites are visited by hundreds of vacation rental professionals from LATAM.

ExpoRV 2023
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