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  • Expo Renta Vacacional - CDMX
    ​June 28, 2024 - 2nd Edition.

    National Conference

    Mexico City Short Term Rental Conference.

    ExpoRV 2024 will comply with all federal, state and local COVID-19 safety regulations. Help us to comply with them.

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The most important STR conference for Property Managers in Mexico City and Central Mexico.

Exhibition & Conference

Sponsorships, booths, and speaking opportunities available during ExpoRV 2024. 

Market place listing.

We'll include a VR Marketplace listing so you have presence through the year.

Networking Event

Join us for a day of conference and networking and talk to STR & vacation rental professionals. 

Sponsorship  Opportunities

Chose any of our affordable sponsorship opportunities available.

Affordable Price

We are an affordable option to have presence in Mexico's City vacation rental market.

STR National Market

Reach a wide audience in the STR national market in Mexico City conference. 

The path to STR Professionalization in Mexico.

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ExpoRV CDMX 2024...The ideal way to reach Property Managers & Professional Hosts from Mexico City.

EXPORV CDMX - Conference and business meeting point for the STR and vacation rental industry in Mexico City, where independent property owners, property managers, short stay specialists, accommodation businesses, property management companies, serviced apartment operators, property investors, start ups, newbies, researchers, hosts, owners, investors and real estate agents meet to discuss, learn and regulate the vacation rental industry in Mexico City and central Mexico. 

According to KeyData, CDMX has an ADR of $118 USD by year end 2023.

Information partner and sponsor of ExpoRV™

Listing Volume

Mexico City has an inventory of 33,972 listings during 2023. This city is the highest night producer in LATAM.

Growing Inventory

Mexico City inventory grew +55% 20024 vs 2023.

STR Knowledge thirst

Professionalization of the STR is key to the success of this market. PM's and professional hosts are eager to get more industry knowledge.

Mexico City is the highest night producer city in Vacation Rental in all LATAM.

With its vibrant cultural scene, historical richness, and a thriving tourism industry, Mexico City stands out as the highest night producer city in Vacation Rental across all of Latin America (LATAM). Boasting a diverse range of accommodations, from charming colonial homes to modern apartments with stunning city views, Mexico City (CDMX) has become a coveted destination for travelers seeking unique and immersive experiences. 

The city's popularity in the Vacation Rental sector reflects its status as a global metropolis, drawing visitors with its captivating blend of tradition and modernity. As a beacon for innovative hospitality, Mexico City not only offers a multitude of accommodation options but also sets a precedent for other cities in Mexico & LATAM, positioning itself as a key player in the dynamic landscape of vacation rentals throughout the region.

First Class Venue in prime location: Sheraton Ma. Isabel CDMX 

Sheraton Ma. Isabel CDMX

Learn more about our venue in CDMX and visit our show room layout. 

Go to CDMX venue Site
ExpoRV Urban Show Map

What are we expecting for ExpoRV Urban CDMX 2024 ?



Networking Events






ExpoRV 2024 Conference main topics: Regulations and PMS Adoption

New regulations in Mexico City

We will discuss the new regulations in Mexico City.

PMS as a path to Professionalization

We'll talk PMS technology adoption as a path to professionalization.

ExpoRV CDMX (2nd Edition): 

Sheraton Ma. Isabel Hotel

2024 General Program

Program may change without notice. Please check website often.

June 27th, 2024. ExpoRV CDMX 2024 - Reception - Optional 

Reception for exhibitors and speakers will be held in the bar of the hotel Sheraton Maria Isabel: Jorongo Bar from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

June 28th, 2024. ExpoRV CDMX 2024 - Registration & Setup

Sponsors Registration: 7:00 am

Table setup: 7:00 am

Participants Registration starts at: 8:00 am

June 28th, 2024. ExpoRV CDMX 2024 - Conference

ExpoRV Urban General Sessions: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

ExpoRV Urban Lunch:  1:00 pm (on venue - included in your sponsorship) 

Event Closing: 7:00pm

Plan your trip ahead of time

Need help to plan your trip to CDMX?

We have some Travel Options!

For your convenience, we have hired a local travel DMC that can help you with your travel needs. Take a look of our hotels, transfers and tours selections. If you have a special requirement or need a hotel upgrade, please let us know to accommodate your requirements.

Please contact:

We're all about Property Managers and Professional Hosts in Mexico & LATAM.


Why should my company participate as a sponsor?

If your company is in the vacation rental business offering a product or service to this industry, you must participate in this unique conference ExpoRV in Mexico City. This region offers millions of operations and is thirsty for str urban knowledge, know how and professional services. ExpoRV CDMX is the only event in this city and it takes place in the most important city for urban short term rental in Mexico.

What professionals participate at the ExpoRV CDMX Conference ?

For the last editions, these are the type of people that participates with us:

1. Vacation Rental Property Managers.

2. Professional Hosts.

3. Property owners.

4. Entry hosts.

5. STR - VR Investors.

What are the terms and conditions to participate?

Complete the application, sign your contract and submit payment in full.

What are the due dates to participate?

You must complete the the application and submit payment 8 weeks before the event.

You must bring your marketing materials and roll ups for your table. We'll provide: table, chairs & electricity. 

Exchange Rate

Companies participating at the ExpoRV and paying in $MX (Pesos) will be subject to an exchange rate of $18.- MX per USD.

Does ExpoRV share attendee's information or lists?

Due to current country privacy laws, its enforcement and previous attendees complaints,  WE DO NOT PROVIDE, SALE or SHARE the attendees' list or information. We hope you understand.

Join APAR Today - our association for Vacation Rental Professionals in Mexico.
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​$490.- USD annual fee for companies.

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ExpoRV Urban CDMX 2023 Sponsors

Reserve your exhibition table today

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​ExpoRV National Conference Exhibit Opportunities

Get your space at the ExpoRV CDMX Conference. All sponsorships tables will be inside the conference hall. Exhibitors and attendees will be in the same conference hall. There will be conferences, lunch, sponsors demos and networking time all within the same room.

Only 40 exhibitor spaces available

ExpoRV Urban only has 40 exhibitor tables available in this conference. Each table will be placed next to each other inside the Conference hall with a brand panel. Exhibitors will be inside the conference hall at all times. Lunch will be served inside the hall. Please see map.

Sponsorship table includes:

Table, electricity, two chairs, one wall banner, networking lunch with attendees for (2) two. ExpoRV CDMX allows the following branding materials at your table branding:

- Roll up banners.


Table for exhibition starts at: $1,900 USD. Additional tickets for vendors will be at public price with a 20% discount. 

View ExpoRV CDMX Conference 2024 floor map.

ExpoRV Urban Show Map

Exhibition Format

Exhibitor area will have table (2.5 mts by .70mts), chairs and panel banner. Your participation cost includes chairs, table, networking lunch and the panel banner.

You can bring your own rollup and place it next to your back banner.

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Choose your Sponsorship

Chose your sponsorship that best fits your budget, we can offer different types of sponsorships. Our prices are in USD.

Other Sponsorships
Diamond (1) available

Logo at Diamond level.

Event main sponsor (presented by logo), 2 conference entry banners with brand,  event app branding, Keynote at general session conference* (30 minutes).

Participants list at the end of the event.

Platinum (2) Available

Logo at Platinum level."Lunch by" sponsor banner and 5 minute lunch break presentation. 

Gold (3) Available

"Coffee station sponsor by " banner and mention during coffee break. 

*Important Note: All general sessions will be reviewed. Not sales pitch - only VALUABLE information will be permitted.

Other Sponsorships


  • Banner at registration desk (2): $450.- ea.
  • Banner at coffee station (2): $450.- ea.
  • Banners at Lunch entry (2): $ 550.- ea.
  • Welcome conference entry Banners (2): $550 ea.
  • Event Bags (550 bags): $950.-
  • Notepad and pens (550 packages): $950.-
  • Lanyard (550 lanyards): $900.-
  • Promotional Item placement inside bags (2): $600.- ea.
  • Brochure placement inside bags (2): $600.- ea.
  • Back of badge logo (550 badges): $800.-
  • Print conference schedule (550 schedules): $550.-


  • Networking or Reception event (2): $2,500 ea.
  • Want to give away item at event ? (example: hats with branding): Call us for more information.


  • Email blast with your brand before the event (only 1): $800
  • Email blast with your brand after the event (only 1): $800

App Message:

  • Message with your brand before the event (only 1): $500
  • Message with your brand after the event (only 1): $500


  • Internet service.
  • Charging phone area.
  • Other idea ? Call us for more information.

Venue: Sheraton Maria Isabel CDMX


Estefanía Lopez

Event Manager at Sheraton

Venue Address:

Ave. Paseo de la Reforma 325, 

Col. Cuauhtémoc, 06500

CDMX - Mexico

Phone: +52 (55) 52-42-5555


Independence & Fiesta Hall - Sheraton

ExpoRV Urban Show Map

Maria Isabel Sheraton - CDMX

Expo Renta Vacacional National Conference CDMX - 2024